Encourage people to listen to ‘good morning’ in their new advertising campaign


Encourage people to listen to ‘good morning’ in their new advertising campaign

What’s your morning routine like? Are you fully aware of the world around you every day?

You know, you can turn on a smart speaker and share your breakfast with Rachel Martin? Or did David green drive to work for an excellent co-pilot? Steve Inskeep and your local host have only a few clicks on your phone?

For decades, listeners have trusted the morning edition of local, national and international reporting signatures to start their day. It’s better to wake up your senses than to challenge your senses, challenge you, and meet you. With the opening of 2018, we encourage new listeners to appear on a new morning routine and to be “fully awake” every day.

Today, we launch the first phase of the new advertising campaign, introducing the Morning Edition to a new audience of four markets across the country (Pittsburgh, phoenix, Salt Lake City and Austin). Our goal is to inspire the current audience to listen to more news, and welcome the new couple to experience a reliable, timely, and emotional news report every weekday on NPR’s morning edition.

Here are some details about this exciting new activity.

Why is that? We are helping more people find the country’s # 1 news radio program.

Every month, NPR reaches 99 million. With these new ads, we hope to attract more viewers. Despite the clutter, we want you to know NPR’s location: radio, car, smart speaker, mobile phone and online. We also want to encourage new people to experience NPR, and to understand how the morning edition combines local, national and international news. With the good morning edition, people will be ready to face the day, fully awake around the world.

How’s that? This is an integrated multimedia activity created with four NPR member stations.

We make the morning edition of our member stations across the country. Every day, NPR will bring you a new NPR story, and create a strong local and national reporting mix that will bring communities and the world closer to home. Finding new ways to help member stations develop audiences and find new audiences is an important goal of the campaign. At the end of the spring trial, we look forward to assessing its success and hoping to expand it to more cities later this year. “Fully conscious” consists of two: 30 and 15 second brand attractions: “wake up” and “listen” (you’ll meet some familiar voice), and in particular on the market of digital video, online banner ads and outdoor banner. The “wake up” site will be launched first and the second location will be launched later this month. Jetsonorama – sans drama – you will be able to see incredible works of art in the urban landscape shown in “listen”.

The “wake up” site will be launched first and the second location will be launched later this month. We’re working with the talented frescoes Jetsonorama, and Jetsonorama sans drama, and you’ll be able to see incredible works of art in the urban landscapes that are shown in “listening.”

Who? NPR’s marketing team is linked to an award-winning advertising agency and its legendary creative genius.

MAL \ FOR GOOD, a Los Angeles social impact advertising agency dedicated to “wanting to change brands”. The agency was founded by creative visionary Lee Clow. He did a landmark job for some of the world’s most famous brands, and we were thrilled when he said he was interested in working with NPR. “FOR MAL \ FOR GOOD, it’s an honor to be able to show this brand new brand activity FOR NPR’s early edition,” says Lee Clow, President and founder of MAL \ FOR GOOD. “The core ideas of MFG include compassion, courage and integrity, which fits well with NPR’s trusted brand.”

Where to? We worked with four member stations to pilot advertising in four cities.

Our pilot activities include KUT in Austin, KJZZ in phoenix, WESA in Pittsburgh and KUER in Salt Lake City. We are pleased to be able to work with these stations and are pleased that they have joined our growing audience. The four stations represent a diverse mix of geographic locations that have affordable media markets and have the opportunity to nurture Morning Edition audiences. Until March 28, the stations will play a “complete wake-up call” in their markets and take a short break during the games.

Here’s what some of our member site partners say about this opportunity:

David Greene, Rachel Martin and Steve Inskeep, hosts of Morning Edition and Up First.

“Brand awareness cannot be assumed,” said Maria O ‘mara, general manager of KUER in Salt Lake City. “I’m glad the event attracted people who might have never heard of a good morning edition.”

“After the recent earnings, it’s easy for public radio to give up gas,” added John Sutton, managing director of WESA in Pittsburgh. “We are excited to see the potential of NPR, and working with member stations to further develop the early version of the audience, which is one of the best ways for public broadcasting to flourish.”

“We are passionate about the innovative approach and this partnership with NPR,” added KUT managing director Stewart Vanderwilt. “The morning edition begins our day with special news and deep human stories from around the world and our communities. Adding radio viewers will be good for radio, NPR and everyone.

“We’re looking forward to the launch of this new activity,” said Jon Hoban, deputy managing director of programming design at KJZZ in phoenix. “Outdoor advertising and cross-promotion on TV will help to improve the geographical location of the area. Our recent experience with other outdoor activities shows a strong positive effect on the audience.

What can I do? : buzzing

We are talking about how and why NPR’s morning edition is a trustworthy, reliable, and everyday story for national and foreign news. Help us continue to talk about “total unconsciousness” through social media. If you see or experience some of our activities in your city, we are happy to know what you think. Text us at @nprextra or mark your images with #NPRFullyAwake.


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