The early man is happy with a mammoth.


The early man is happy with a mammoth.

From a frame carefully at early humans – or any other function and short film by Nick parker, stop motion animation behind the material comforts, super dog series, as well as the chicken run – you can find the most real, most literally all director stamp: the curvature of the fingerprint. With computer animation has become a mainstream format, Park and his thought of Animations craftsman has remained contradictory simulation effect, they use the hand to manipulate the plasticine model characteristics, and through hard picture frame. (you must use the word “hard” to refer to his work, because it is fair to admit the trouble.)

In its rich joy, the early man and the crafty statement of ji-sung park’s own process looked very crude and outdated, but with the warmth and individuality of handmade handmade. In fact, the lovely Stone Age half man who lived in the movie was surprised to learn that they really shouldn’t exist. Civilization entered the age of bronze, giving an evolutionary advantage to those who possessed armour, heavy currency, POTS and pans, and so many other signs of human progress. The park and the company hold a football match as a proxy fight between adelman and pixar (and others), but there is no hostility in the form of fighting. On screen and off, crude only wants to maintain its place in the landscape.

Fun began in the new pleistocene era (a place near Manchester, the title tells us), a group of neanderthals survived an asteroid crash and accidentally invented a football game. Moments in the international sports arena, this is equivalent to found the weapons of the primitive in the beginning in 2001: a space Odyssey, but the Stone Age tribes in the time line almost forgot how to play catch up. Dig out (Eddie redmayne) and his colleagues are satisfied in their house in the forest hunting rabbits, until they enter the range of their oppressors Bronze Age, the oppressors by rapidly will be expelled from their land of divine master, (Tom sid le tu) leadership.

The rest of the early people dedicated to sports movie scene: classic losers if Dug and his tribe to beat real Bronzio superstar in a football match, this is what they had never played the game, they will win back our freedom. Maisie Williams, the brave defected, as their coach – the kingdom does not allow women – they have their abilities on the court. The central joke is that football is a simple game, and the caveman can invent it, and the central mood is that good old-fashioned teamwork can overcome even more brilliant challenges.

For thought is a tap, its characteristics, such as Chicken Run and Wallace&Gromit: curse of the rabbit, have been unable to keep the diamond cutting short features, and partly because they are pleasant mild for smaller format. Early men were close to other people, and the unwieldy Stone Agers continued to advance, thanks to the self-conceit of the underdog sports films and the silly cultural clash of yu. Sometimes, a comedy like football is a simpler game than it is.

Then parker in unexpected strange creation again to fill the screen, like a huge teeth like a duck, like wreckage from the Jurassic age scare with the land, a named Mr Nearly warthog cloth of orange, like a silent, capable of gromit reach unfortunately Wallace, and a talking bird (rob brendan), most of these birds emanates from the queen Lord emotional information to Ross. In park style, every living thing has a prominent lip, crooked teeth and the central part of the wide, every look is a few miles away from the magic kingdom’s humble villagers. After 12 years of feature film production, Park and his team haven’t made any effort in the digital age, and they won’t (and shouldn’t) do it in any other way.


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