Major league baseball sets new rules to speed up the race.


Major league baseball sets new rules to speed up the race.

Last season, an average of 9 bureau of baseball games spent 3 hours and 8 minutes. This is 2 hours and 46 minutes from 2005.

Major league baseball has long been committed to promote the development of things, on Monday, the commissioner of rob Manfred, announced the new rules, to shorten the time required to obtain a match.

Since the 2018 season, major league baseball to managers, coaches and players to access more stringent restrictions on the mound; However, there are some exceptions. Commercial break time will shorten. Pitcher may be in a commercial break out as much as possible before the end of the warm-up balls, but no longer guarantee eight times to warm up the ball.

Manfred issued a statement about these changes:

“I am very happy to have an understanding with the players’ association, take concrete steps to solve the game speed through cooperation. I strongly hope to continue with the players on this topic for continuing dialogue, to find a mutually acceptable solution “.

After more than a year of negotiations, major league baseball players association refused to agree to these changes, but also signed a not against their agreement.

MLBPA chief Tony clark also issued a statement on Monday:

“Players involved in the first day of the discussion, and is dedicated to the fans with a clear and exciting baseball brand, but they are still worried about the change of the rules may change the outcome of the game and structure the game itself. ”

Manfred was hoping to add between pitch a countdown timer, but in 2018 there will be no 20 seconds the pitch of the clock. There will be no time interval.

According to, the following is a breakdown of those new rules:

1. The burial access

– per nine innings, mound access number for each team six times. Every time the race team will receive additional qualification. Any manager, coach or player access to mound mound will be deemed to access.

– to the mound to clean up the cleats in rainy weather, tests or potential harm, or published in except after attacking substitutes.

– in addition, the normal communication between players and the pitcher is not need to make their position on the pitch, it is not a trip.

– if the team is not present, the referee may take into consideration the access according to the requirement of the catcher, if he thinks that cross between pitchers and catchers.

2. The intermittent rest

– since 2016 since the start of the season, the timer will rest at 2:05 bureau calculation between local TV game time, in a nationally televised game for the game and the decider and playoff game 2:55 game time.

– the difference is that now at 25 seconds, the referee will signal the final warm-up match, and the pitcher must before the clock hit 20 throw it away. The batter will be announced in 20 seconds, the pitcher must begin to zero within the five seconds before the clock arrived, his serve has ended.

– another important change is the pitcher no longer guarantee the warmup pitches between eight innings. But, he can in the above mentioned as much as possible to participate in the inverse parameter range. Unless the pitcher in the base, on deck or bat, otherwise, the timer will start from the last game, in this case, the timer should be on the pitcher start when you leave the shelter of the shelter.

When it was over, replay – if the last game, the timer is started when the referee signals.

3. The pitching the timing of the change

Clock – – listed above also apply to pitch changes, and will start once the buffer pitcher through the warning line.

4. The instant replay

All club video review room will now receive direct slow-motion camera Angle of view, to speed up the challenge and review. A new telephone line connected to the shelter, the room and will monitor, to prevent them from for stealing.

The Associated Press reported, said a person familiar with the decision, all talk at the meeting will be recorded. Person to speak, in the form of anonymity because the details were not released.


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