Reading the game: our last.


Reading the game: our last.

Over the years, we’ve told ourselves some of the best, the craziest, the most touching or the most inspiring stories not from books, movies or television, but from video games. So we’re running a casual series, reading games, and we’re looking at these games from a literary point of view.

The first time I played this game, it was like the perfect awe and horror. I think it’s wonderful that the word describes it best. Walk into this ruined, beautiful world and the story of our last generation of Joel and Ellie. In general, such a consummate is obsessed with exploring every hidden and empty space in these imaginary worlds – in this case, I just roll with the narrative. Run properly. Through the darkness, the rain, the sun. When there is no other choice, stand on my bloody ground.

…… This is the story in our final story. It makes you as smart a bunch of pixels as a teenage girl, deeply concerned that you will die for her twice in the world.

Jason sheehan

Joel falls in love with his surrogate daughter Ellie, who falls in love with her only father, Joel. And I (a father, with a daughter about Ellie’s age, Ellie’s four-letter words and Ellie’s strange, incongruous humor) also love Ellie. So when I reached my final goal, I was presented with a terrible choice (no spoilers… ), I drew my gun, and killed my way to end credit, anger and conviction, I made the only choice I could.

The second round: the beat is the same, the story is a known thing. Joel and ali fight zombies and soldiers as well as bandits and lunatics. They lost their friends, saw the sunrise, this time, I played with a terrible wisdom. Cassandra’s curse. I know how the story ended, and I’ve decided, this time, I’ll make other choices. On the right (moral, math, humanistically), so I go all the way to the end, and then…

And then I made the exact same choice again. I can’t let the other one. It hurts too much. Because this is the story told in our final story. It makes you as smart a bunch of pixels as a teenage girl, deeply concerned that you will die for her twice in the world.

Okay, now we’re going to get coddled, fair warning.

Finally, we are a zombie story. This is an incredible derivatives, from one hundred different kinds of books and movies generously to borrow, simplification in the structure, lighter weight, emotion, inner violence, though (or because all of these) tells the story of the most moving, you can be found in any place and most influential one of the most satisfying story. At the heart of it is Joel’s story – a thief and smuggler who has been stuck in a zombie apocalypse for 20 years. He and his partner Tess was forced to do a job, asking them to a young girl out of the quarantine area, Boston and send her to a revolutionary army, because this girl, of course, is the only one – not the spore/virus infection, the infected person into rough, fierce mushroom zombies. The young girl is Ellie. And, unsurprisingly, the work did not go as planned.

If that sounds familiar, that’s good, because it’s familiar. The story -story is a stock framework – test and reliability. It’s a Road trip story, like Cormac McCarthy’s Road, or Mad Max: Fury Road. Go from point A to point B, survive the journey, get there. When it is used to support complex role arcs, there is nothing wrong with a simple narrative architecture, just as it is here. The Last Of Us is a simple road trip story that serves a complex and rich story Of redemption.

All bets and destruction are listed in the first 10 minutes, and in such a powerful prologue, even if you don’t have one, it will destroy your heart. Joel lost his daughter on the night of the end of the world, and his little girl died in his arms, trying to stop an infected man from the muzzle of a panicked soldier. Twenty years later, when Ellie appeared in his life, the players around you said, oh, this is where he learned to love. … You’re right.

But when you see it happen – like Ellie carefully between the two buildings shaking a shaky piece of wood, Joel briefly looked at his watch, the gift of his daughter, he wore for 20 years – you participate in it happened (to protect her, to defend her, eventually become a big part of her role switching game extension), and it’s just a click. This is a love story – one of the best parents and children of all time.

When the end comes, you will get the ultimate parent nightmare scenario: will you sacrifice your child’s life to save the world? Not a stranger, a friend, or even a spouse, but your own daughter (that’s what Ellie is now – Joel’s daughter, blood or not). Because Ellie lives under the treatment of the mushroom zombie plague. But to create it, she must die.

Before writing this article, I started a third game. I walked slowly, slowly, listening to Ellie reading from her joke book, watching her swarm in the suburbs of Boston, enjoying the natural beauty of the game and the deep environmental story. Nature has reclaimed much of this abandoned world, giving us different inspirations from wild flowers. I haven’t finished it yet, but I know it’s coming. I know the choices I have to make.

I know exactly what I’m going to do.

Jason Sheehan is a former restaurant critic who is now a food editor for the Philadelphia magazine. But when no one was looking, he took the time to write books about ships, aliens, giant robots and ray guns. The story of the age of radiation is his latest.


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