The ACLU sued the DC subway after the first amendment’s text was rejected.


The ACLU sued the DC subway after the first amendment’s text was rejected.

In view of the Washington metropolitan area transportation administration litigation of four plaintiff from across the political field, the American civil liberties union, a health care organization called Carafem, provide abortion services, ethical treatment of animals and conservative provocateurs, Milo Yiannopoulos.

What they have in common is that the transport agency, known as WMATA, has rejected their advertising, saying it violates its guidelines. They have now joined together, saying that the guidelines introduced in 2015 violated their first amendment right to free speech.

In fact, the American civil liberties union rejected ads in English, Arabic and Spanish shows the text of the first amendment, and accompanied by the sign of the American civil liberties union and the slogan of “we the people”.

The American civil liberties union said that WMATA’s refusal to show the first amendment in three languages violated its right to free speech.

According to the complaint, WMATA did not explain in writing why it rejected the ACLU AD. Outfront Media, which manages the system’s ads, initially told the ACLU that it was rejected because it “did not take any problem-oriented advertising”. Later, Outfront said, “you need to drastically change your advertising material to resubmit,” complaining.

Lee Rowland, a senior lawyer for the ACLU, said: “in order to avoid offensive and hateful speech, the government has cancelled the comments that made us think, including the first amendment itself.” “The ACLU cannot be more strongly opposed to the values that Milo Yiannopoulos supports, but we cannot allow the government to choose which ideas are acceptable.”

The dc metro system changed its advertising policy in 2015. According to the American civil liberties union, it was “a controversy over a series of anti-muslim ads”. The ACLU, Carafem and PETA had previously advertised with Metro.

In WMATA posted on the website of the guidelines on commercial advertising, according to medical information can only be “comes from the government health organization, or if the information is the essence of the content currently by the American medical association and/or accept the” food and drug administration.

It will also stop advertising “intention to influence the public to have different opinions of the public opinion”, those who support or oppose position or industry target without any commercial interests of advertisers “and the” aims to influence public policy. ”

In a statement on the NPR lawsuit, WMATA noted the change in its policy and said it “intends to vigorously defend its commercial advertising guidelines, which are reasonable and neutral.”

The lawsuit alleges that WMATA rejected PETA’s advertising, which is counterclockwise from the top, Carafem, Milo Yiannoloulos and ACLU.

The Carafem AD said it sold the FDA approved mifepristone/misoprostol program to terminate the pregnancy within 10 weeks. It wrote: “contraceptive pill after 10 weeks”, used for 10 weeks of abortion. ”

WMATA rejected several PETA ads, one of which said, “I’m me, not meat, I see individuals, vegans,” a picture of a pig next to me. The plaintiffs argued that “WMATA has accepted and demonstrated a number of ads designed to influence the driver’s purchase, to do and to believe in PETA’s view of the proper relationship between humans and animals.”

According to the complaint, WMATA initially accepted an AD for a book by conservative commentator Milo Yiannopoulos, but rejected it after receiving a complaint, saying they violated guidelines.

The lawsuit alleges that WMATA rejected the ads from the ACLU, Carafem and Milo Yiannopoulos not because the ads themselves violated the guidelines. Instead, it says, advertisements are rejected for reasons other than their content – “such as the identity of an advertiser, an advertiser’s known or presumed point of view, or an advertiser’s business line.”


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