For Taiwanese news animators, the interesting video is serious work.


For Taiwanese news animators, the interesting video is serious work.

When cartoon Tiger Woods in 2009 traffic accident becomes animated, the strange super Taiwan news animation behind the team puts its cultural map, this is a won the 3 million in the first weekend of YouTube to watch clips. Since then, Taipei’s Next Media Animation has grown into a steroid news Animation studio, producing 50 to 60 original animated 3D news stories every 24 hours. Today, the company’s video averages about 40 million YouTube views per month.

Kith Ng, chief executive of Next Media Animation, said: “I think we have the technical know-how that has basically developed over the past seven years and I think it’s our business secret.

Animation is hard, time-consuming work. At the beginning of the year seven years ago, animation makers here made a story every day. But after years of trial and error, now has 200 animators Next Media has its pipe with the fastest speed perfect – from the story concept to the finished product in less than two and a half hours of time.

An animator from Next Media went to work to draw the characters’ movements in the upcoming story.

The production line

The teams responsible for different parts of the process work together on the human animation production line running day and night. It starts with writers who turn the most interesting title of the day into a script. Produced, head of content at every hour during the meeting to get a detailed review of the storyboard, graphics team is ready they may need from growing 80000 existing assets background or image file.

But making the scene look real requires capturing human motion. Motion-capture actors wait around with sensors in their corsets, allowing the director to call them to perform.

In the motion capture studio, 40 cameras around the room roll on the action, so you can animate the action. The animator then went to work, and was anxious to reverse their creation. Music team then rated each story, the narrator’s artist read the final script, and video editors put all the elements together. Each story takes less than two hours.

“It’s important to give the audience how fast they are going, because people expect real-time information,” Ng says.

Sometimes real life is better.

NMA launches a series of Rob Ford animations.

Next Media’s latest global viral hit, Robert ford, Toronto’s smoking, gulp mayor. But his story is absurd and does not require much embellishment.

“We just need to be animated about what’s going on, because it’s crazy enough anyway,” said Richard Hazeldine, one of the team’s lead authors. “Some stories, that’s it, it’s crazy, you don’t have to change anything or make fun of it.”

The next generation of media teams see their more interesting work as modern political cartoons. They don’t mean literally. But for all the attention paid to zanier’s work, the team calls it “funny clown”, with less than half of the daily animation.

“Funny and crazy video is just the gateway to our world,” wu said. “We’re always serious. We’re always serious.”

‘always serious’

The serious aspect of their business is growing. Next Media’s paid partners now include global news agency Reuters and Japan’s kyodo news agency. Digital media yahoo news, MSN and Spanish network Univision are all customers. These outlets use animation to help explain news events such as plane crashes or oil spills.

Previous sensationalism has led to the refusal of the Taipei TV station and serious fines for obscene and violent content. When it first became big, the company was criticized by the media traditionalists.

“If this is the future of tabloid journalism, I don’t want any part of it,” American media critic Howard kurtz said on CNN in 2010. “If it seep into what I call more serious journalism, then people just lose faith in us. ”

Animators have a little fun with President Obama’s clothes and his arms.

Now, it’s not that black and white.

Caroline O ‘Donovan said: “personally, I think, the audience has a good ability to figure out what time they should be entertainment, and they are told they these things,” NPC news lab at Harvard University.

She says animation has value – whether it’s editing or finance.

“The news media have a chance to get more income through more video content, this is all a source of advertising revenue, while the animation is a very attractive way, lets you get all those dollars, without must be on the scene,” said oddo.

Next Media, funded by hong kong-based Media giant Jimmy Lai, continues to support its growth. The motivation now is to make more realistic animations and make them faster.

“Hopefully in the future, we’ll be able to provide real-time news coverage in real time, in real time, not two hours or three hours,” Ng said.

Of course, as Rob Ford’s story reminds us, real life may be crazier than instant animation.


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