Let the super bowl music feel.


Let the super bowl music feel.

A nervous “the star-spangled banner”, a halftime show flat white coffee, a low-key acting together, of course, advertising: if nothing else, the super bowl LII music clips are legion. These are the ears that attract NPR bb0 at night.

A pink lozenge.

The pink “star spangled banner” will not be one of the best in history; She was ill then. Once again proved that no TV monocultural moment without being noticed by the digital crowd, before singing the national anthem, the singer took something from her mouth is Twitter the subject of much discussion, she gave a concise tweets shortly after. – Andrew Flanagan

Justin timberlake’s halftime show.

Justin timberlake is trying to the super bowl last night in a timely manner to create a wrinkles in the midfield performance: in the early days of the inevitable medley, he built his boring boring magic scene, he boldly to his 2002 hit single “rock your body” in the brutal American secular history’s most notorious the events of the holiday. It was, of course, his wily removal of janet Jackson’s breastplate. Even the most popular pop culture followers know that this is a violation, and it costs her far more than he does. Last night, when he was in trouble in 2004, he said, “bet, at the end of the song, I’ll make you naked.” — Timberlake shouted: “stop!” And, eyebrows and a small brow, reboot the action. (or is clear to redirect: as a sound engineer in halftime show Patrick Baltzell must interview recently, in addition to The Rolling Stones have been in The activity on The scene, no band can attend.) Instead of using a brief transition to shout out something conciliatory (” respect janet! Timberlake is betting on silence. This act is a symbol of a star, his entire career is based on the challenge and conflict to Teflon cool, a singer of a broken heart is cold, smooth, and his confession in multitrack effect of floating on clouds.

Aesthetics and morality, the magic of tinblack did not take. It looks like he’s going to cast the wrong spell, let himself be invisible in a lot of dancers, choreographing the rhythms for the weird environment of dance death, which seems to be wrong. (as many Twitter’s raconteur points out, Timberlake’s own ensemble made him look as if he had pounce on the Bass Pro Shop.) Even standing alone on a small stage, he seemed to want to get lost in all the movements he had set for himself. A muddy remix masked his voice, even his most eye-catching melodies leaping from glass and neon fragments on a purposeful stage set.

The prince also raised him up. The beloved minnesotan hologram did not appear, replaced by a giant screen projection of a rolling slab that replaced the Timberlake on the piano. At half speed to run the whole show, its star’s facial expression seems to tell a sad story, alternately panic and look out, as if he knew anything that the lack of fire wouldn’t let him from laughed at by the judge. After a weak comment on his new album Man of the Woods, they have begun to re-examine their knives.

The great gift of Timberlake is ease. When he was in the ascendant, at the beginning of the 21st century science and technology start-ups and relaxed mortgage those exciting era, his feathers tenor and Fred astaire piece of dance style uniforms from his success questions whether white with a black manufacturers partners can be exploitative, and endless song is actually about dance floor temptation could basically is mandatory. In 2018, however, the desire for popular culture is the affirmation of the struggle. Beyonce has struck a chord with beyonce by raising her fist and Lady Gaga’s funny spider man jump as a super bowl gesture. They feel the difficulty, the difficulty, and participate in this very loud self-expression and continuous public demonstration era. Timberlake is too smooth now. He did not have this wrinkle in time, because it belongs to those who want you to see that they the people who work behind the magic, especially those who know in such a program under the flash of the body: those at risk exposure of humans, but with the wonders of life. -ann powers

The eagle goes to Meek Mill.

As the losers in the race, the spotlight of the Philadelphia eagles use their time not only highlights their hip-hop style, but also show the Meek and Mill, due to the violation of parole in Philly jailed rapper – choose his 2012 songs “Dreams and” Nightmares (type) “as their personal music.

“A lot of people say the Philadelphia eagles are falling behind Meek Mill in such a public way,” Rodney Carmichael of NPR’s music said in a recent live broadcast. “For the eagles to choose this song, he shows the solidarity of a family with a back against the wall.”

“Dreams and nightmares (type)” young and unstable nature and patriot in sharp contrast to the signature of the accompaniment music: Carl orff Carmina Burana classic introduction, followed by Ozzy Osbourne “crazy train”. (once the hawks won the game, they played the circuit again and popped champagne in the locker room.) – Sidney Madden

We spend most of our time watching the super bowl, and they spend it on advertising. This is not to say that these slots are expensive – NBC is charging $5 million for a 30-second charge. So music is very useful for marketers: instant recognizable songs can provide emotional shortcuts to the mind and wallet. (when they don’t place ads on display sites, advertisers typically use the pikey ukulele or classic exercise by default, as Coca-Cola did this year.)

Here, in order of novelty, marketers are trying to get your attention this year through the ear canal:

The deepest night of the game came from Squarespace, where he put Keanu Reeves on a motorcycle, co-written with will bowles, “the adventure of success,” with sting. (balls is rock photographer Lynn goldsmith’s list of music, his albums, also known as successful adventure, is for the sake of irony self-help boom of the 80 s, the simple sense of the discovery age – Tom Tom thought – club for its stupid acid.)

For t-mobile, babies soothed a lullaby nie v band “all apologize”, this is a song, Kurt Cobain shot when examining the universality of depression to question his role as an artist turns into a superstar. The next commercial broadcast was for science, which seemed to be vertical.

PepsiCo shrewd business synergies to obtain the two ads: Peter Dinklage Chris Brown in 2011 to “Look At Me Now” Busta Rhymes song On the lip synchronization, to shake the doritos, Morgan freeman to levels Elliot legendary “Get Ur Freak On” launch, sister brand propaganda enterprise Mountain Dew said. (you have to ask them why they don’t spend extra money on booth’s “give me more stuff,” which will keep music clues in the same hip-hop era.)

Aerosmith’s Steven Taylor, on behalf of the original arra Benjamin button, successfully showed us where the incredible valley like Taylor is still alive.

Cardi B appears as an alternative to the weather – deficient Alexa.

Keegan-Michael Key explains “take the meaning of L by Big Sean” – to dad.

Run The Jewels claims that The lexus ads appear in The moonlight as a panther AD – The duet is not in The upcoming black panther album of The upcoming Top Dawg Entertainment.

Harry Belafonte’s “Banana Boat Song” is used in electronic commerce for advertising, which also tends to refer to the late Ruth Flowers, who started the DJ in the name of “Mamy Rock” at the age of 78.

The ram truck has the queen’s “we will rock you”, the national anthem of a sports stadium, against the vikings, nodding to the super bowl host city of Minneapolis.

Pop star Skylar Gray has “Stand By Me” for budweiser’s water supply. (the fact that NPR had checked another AD for water.) – Andrew Flanagan


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