From paper to mixed accounts, the best game of 2013.


From paper to mixed accounts, the best game of 2013.

The year passed quickly, like a spasm in a shooting game, which made me feel hypocritical. A week ago, I didn’t believe there were 10 star games that could make a complete “best” story. But I looked at a list that has been maintained since January. I suddenly lost my mind – I saw at least 30 worthwhile games. From that, I took the best of 2013.

Grand theft auto V (Rockstar Games)

Yes, the adult crime and the irony of punishing the game can disrupt even the most stubborn punk feathers. But there is more to crime than crime. There is a busy world in and around los santos. You will also be honored in the desert sky. Just as violent as GTA, when you spend time thinking about heaven, it can also be a spiritual experience. That’s why GTA V wins. In the best of circumstances, it’s all for everyone.

BioShock Infinite (2K Games)

When Ken levine imagined a sky world called Columbia, he studied everything from “demons in white cities” to “beach boys”. Role in this complex civil war, the life of this land is nothing, if there is no gray areas and moral dilemma, then there will be an exciting end, make you dizzy. Yes, more Colombia should be explored and should not be the shooter. However, it is still full of the wisdom of a brilliant connection with the story.

Tearaway (SONY)

The people who conceived LittleBigPlanet created this storybook story in a world of paper characters, so fascinating that you just want to be a person, even if it’s only for a day. It was made for the neglected PlayStation Vita, so it was full of touch-screen games. I don’t care about level design (which is smart), but about how it makes me feel: like a child again. A cheerful, full of surprise, reckless, inspired by all the children.

Animal crossing: new leaf (nintendo)

I spent a lot of time on the animal road in my town, just like I was in los santos, GTA V. The characters are impressive, for example, when the captain takes you to a tropical island and sings exotic beach captains. If you look at the lines, you will see the rebellion and the role on the edge. “I find it easier to identify a role that is on the verge of hysteria,” he said. They often become strong people, those who let me continue to play.

Assassin’s creed IV: black flag

It was still groggy after the operation. It was the first game I played. I found a few glitches, such as fish near the shore, and when I approached, I didn’t run away, my hands were like I was a ghost through the palm of my hand. But there is the majestic nature, like a real waterfall, you can almost feel the spray. It’s like Havana. There are pirates on the high seas. The dark and insightful portrayal of slavery in Haiti (the story of ivana cisse of the novel is so striking).

Go home (Fulbright)

Although the story is a product of the cd-rom era’s love of old-school click-adventure games, the mystery here is true. Ego: you go home and visit. But no one was there. What happened? You’ll find the cassette tape, listen to the music from heaven to Betsy, and read the intimate journal to find out. The tension of the ending was a far cry from Hitchcock’s.

Rogues’ legacy (cellar door game)

Of course, the game could be frustrating. But the ability to play roles and challenges – to all the alektorophobia of ADHD, to the game makers who are constantly forced to “save the world, be a hero”. This makes it an unbeatable platform role-playing game for the soul and soul.

We end up (SONY)

At first glance, the game is so familiar to me that it takes a while to warm up to Ellie and Joel. In the post-apocalyptic environment, terrible infections threaten life. Then, as the story progressed and the challenge grew, “the last of us” attracted me a lot, and I wanted to find every piece of collectibles that I couldn’t find. It is hard to understand the compassion that is built between the two struggling protagonists when the sadness is so obvious and truly fascinating. But you do feel it, and it’s absolutely beautiful.

Legend of zelda: connection between worlds (nintendo)

This year saw a series of acclaimed nintendo games, but the “legend of zelda: the connection between the world” looks fresh and suitable for 3DS handheld devices. It can be tough, and it makes you feel like a young hero. I don’t need all the time. But sometimes I crave it.

Lego city undercover (nintendo)

It’s kind of like a silly grand theft auto, bringing a little James Bond to the kids, and they’re putting a lot of effort into it. The open world game, rated ‘E’ by the secretive ESRB rating committee, is hard to come by. Increase the fantasy magic of building machines and vehicles with lego toys, and you have a winner. A lovely winner at the time.


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