“Downsizing” : deafness, incredible atrophy.


“Downsizing” : deafness, incredible atrophy.

The man himself reduced the size of the peanuts and looked for the miniaturization of a better life, and the whole colony’s rubbish could be packed in a plastic bag. But writer and director Alexander Payne’s new sci-fi comedy is a huge mess. This is a rare film that seems to execute every part of its concept absolutely wrong; A narrative, tonal, visual and social political failure that has not occurred in many moons.

The film star matt Damon, suitable for a means to improve but it will not shake in the entertainment in their shrinking propaganda parade in a series of mistakes, this is the result of his comments for Hollywood sexual abuse crisis. Damon is likely to want him to shrink himself to nothing and disappear forever in the film’s “place of leisure,” a monument to a small suburban male ego.

The sad thing about the film is that its core premise offers a glimpse of a social satire, before Penn’s runaway toy train is completely off the rails. Norwegian scientists have developed a way to permanently shrink people and objects so small that entire cities can be placed in a parking lot. To shrink the size of your hair, you have to shave all your hair off, for no reason whatsoever, except for its weirdness, all of their teeth are removed, otherwise the movie will not have your nightmare. Scientists will layoff program as a way to combat overpopulation in marketing, but what makes them become the core followers of hook is a promise, once in the breeding, they are protected by nets dieters can live like Versailles the king and queen of middle-class salary. “The best decision I ever made!

It turns out that job cuts are a very elastic metaphor, and Payne will stretch and rub concepts like Silly Putty until it is no longer similar to itself. This is a real estate bubble (Payne and co-author Jim Taylor wrote the first draft) in 2009, but it is also a kind of simple fashion, as no gluten, as well as the rights of the citizens, fuzzy comments, because young people get a different treatment at a restaurant, etc. Then it becomes a new kind of torture, because political opponents against their will of authoritarian governments around the world – the craving a little terror – karp lasker type of fable is not equipped to deal with, especially when we meet with one of the main role is to the victims (more) about her practice.

When people think this is a major life changes, the process of downsizing is very effective, in this kind of change, people will say eternal phrase, “I’ll see you on the other side.” This led to the first difficult crisis of the film, when Damon’s career therapist, schlubby, Paul, found out that his wife, Audrey, had withdrawn at the last minute.

What happens next is that our first real hint is how small the reduction really is. At the moment of truth, Payne switches to wiggle, his eyes sparkle, his bald head and an eyebrow, and how terrible she feels when she cries. This is a serious moment in the narrative, right? She gave up the loss of her husband’s life because she couldn’t think of herself as a bug for the rest of her life. The movie played a farce, asking us to laugh at a crazy lady who left her husband, who was not so tall and dry. Then it gave up on her, so that we can have more time with his new McMansion alone watch a frustrating Damon reshuffle, finally met a dubious origins (Christopher waltz, never more hate) Eurotrash partier, and slowly, slowly realized that it might be a good help others need to change.

It is incredible that a film about a small person may have the imagination, vision or other aspects of the imagination that are miniscule. Layoffs are written and fired in such a way that they often mask the small facts of their characters. Its main is artificially set to reduce the size of the environment, so when a house from the level of “ground” filming, look like ordinary families (once Paul, reduced size, almost every scene happened at home; There is little exploration of the “bigger” world. The concept of unpacking almost entirely achieved through dialogue, the FedEx email program, some unnecessary lines about shipping vessels, rather than actually see in FedEx mail delivery of the ship. Have some weird magic moment, grew up like saw a nurse with a scraper from a stretcher to pry out a little naked man, but they were Paul found hard to send and take pictures of a waste of time to waste scenario.

Anyway, yes, the dissident. She is a Vietnamese activist, Ngoc Lan Tran, sung by Hong Kong, severely broken English and harsh speech. Chau, an active participant in the role, has accused Ngoc of making her a stereotype and insisting that she “can’t be a quip”. In spite of this, the audience in a rehearsal is laughing loudly, every time she would say “need money to live” and “good you help Gladys”, and she, the film in such a way to make her true nature cannot be seen or anyone can understand, don’t even have a potential love interest. So if this woman is not a stereotype, who is she?

Maybe she should be the conscience of the movie. For Ngoc, which has been forced by the government to shrink and pushed into the us to sell television boxes, downsizing is not a fantasy of a better life, but a life imprisonment. She lost a leg in the journey, the kingdom of nightmare to clean up the apartment in the suburbs around the prosthesis, together with all other poor people living in temporary walls out trailer park, so she could teach modesty dollhouse to the white man. You see, this is the event of a strong jokes – even in the United States incredible shrinking the value of the dollar automatic expansion of a particular class, there will always be a foreigner in this class for us to do dirty work.

Of course, this is the theme of the sense, but Payne shows his social ant farm enlightened person’s natural and unrestrained air, he had thought of it all, just waiting for the rest of us. Points out that you know you own the class differences in the movie, with immigrants and working class faces fill the margins, and use the subject only to emphasize your middle class mid-life crisis. Narrow size is related to the first poor old single man Payne film is far, but far and election, the sadness of the bag with a worthy adversary, and the film doesn’t seem to pay great efforts. When we reached the climax of the natural world, the delusion that Penn’s sense of humor had been defined had hijacked the entire baby boom. In all of these crazy plot twists and celebrity legends, you may not even be registered, the movie is lazy for a masters tournament.

How did we get here? By reducing the premise that selfishness has destroyed the planet, it needs some degree of selfishness to preserve it. Lilliputians the army put down our life concept, until it was only belong to us, the least least teeth, in the endless time, as if the earth was never really big and beautiful.


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