Superhero movies are nominated for the script: malfunction or game change?


Superhero movies are nominated for the script: malfunction or game change?

On Tuesday morning’s less brief time – 8:30pm eastern time – the superhero movie won an Oscar nomination.

That’s not really unusual, really. Superhero movie type and we have already had a history of nearly 40 years – can be traced back to the important moment in December 1978, when superman: the movie destroyed the first block of it – and superhero movie during this period has been nominated for a lot of and a few victories.

(check out the bottom of this article to learn about superhero movies that have won oscars for years.)

I’m not trying to minimize these achievements. After all, this is only because of the development of technology — especially the visual effects — and all the dedication of the academy award winners, the superhero movie genre can exist. Their magical about these films are indispensable suspension: for any superhero stories to work on the screen, we all believe that a man (and a woman, and strange space raccoons) can fly.

Unusual – it turns out that when the Oscar nominations were announced on Tuesday, the superhero movie won the first * prize in 39 years outside the technology category.

* (A grim warning here: heath ledger was posthumously nominated, and won an Oscar for best supporting actor in the black knight.)

(a less severe warning: I specialize in superhero movies, not comic-based movies; Based on the ghost world and violent history of graphic novels, the screenplay was nominated.

(and one more thing: the best superhero movie ever made, which won the best animated film in 2005. But let’s stick to the superhero movie, you and me.

Equally surprisingly, the nomination did not involve wonder woman. (a lot of people think of us Patty Jenkins to opponents of Amazon’s criticism and popular stories increase award nominations, and hope to be able to recognize the director of Jenkins works or Matthew Jensen cinematography or Allan Heinberg script. That happened.

No, it’s Logan. It’s a screenplay by Scott Frank, Michael Green and director James Mangold from Mangold. The reason for the competition is that the film is loosely based on the comic story arc of mark miller and Steve McNiven. The wolverine character was created by Len Wein, Roy Thomas, John Romita Sr. And Herb Trimpe. The story of the film depicts the characters created by deep breathing: John byrne, Chris claremont, Dai Fuke groom, jack kirby, Craig, kyle, Stan lee, mark silvestri and Christopher Yost.

The feeling is very important, the dominant in the box office film – a draw sound detractors film is not only because it is ubiquitous, it is also because of its ubiquitous – should be recognised by the strength of its story.

But what is it? Is this a fundamental change in the aesthetics or art of superhero movies? Or is it just a one-time, specific script, at this particular time?

Is this a game-changer or a glitch?

The game changer.

Superhero movies are a genre, although Hollywood, represented by the academy, seems reluctant to accept very popular genres. Look at the long history of these awards, and there’s no way to prove it.

The first film to win the best picture was the Wings war movie of 1929. Then there is the Broadway melody (musical), all the quiet of the western front (another war film) and west Malone (west). In fact, the academy has released a lot of the best images for musicals, westerns, romances, crime stories and thrillers.

Therefore, the college is above itself, not a genre.

This is the new genre.

It’s not coincidental that the most difficult types of science in the gulag era are the latest: science fiction, fantasy, and superheroes.

The past decade or so, science fiction and fantasy have been made, including the martians, gravity, initial, avatar, arrived, she, mad Max: road rage, the shape of the water and others nominated for best picture, if there is no victory. In 2004, Peter Jackson’s “Lord of the rings: the return of the king” had the highest fantasy of winning the best picture award.

The superhero has had a harder time, but the academy has proven itself to be in the wrong place. In addition to ledger’s clowns, Christopher Nolan’s dark knight did not receive any major categories of nominations, leading to criticism and public outcry in 2009. The next year, the academy increased the number of possible best picture nominations from 5 to 10. It’s called the dark knight’s rule.

Perhaps Logan’s script nomination, coupled with his victory nearly 10 years ago, does represent a leading edge in the college’s embrace of superheroes.

… But probably not. More powerful, Logan’s win won’t be repeated quickly.

Small failures.

Superhero movie, of course, the setting, tone, the change of the aesthetic and scope than many people satisfied with the schools believe much ridicule, but can say for sure, Logan is a typical example of this form. The gritty superhero movies are thick on the ground, but mangold’s films are intimate, bleak and spiritual. It looks and feels different – deliberately so – from the rich variety of the mainstream wonders of ticket prices, and the bizarre means of saving the world. In fact, it stands in stark contrast to them, and its future setting seems to be a satire on the ultimate fate of the heroes who are happy to resurrect things.

It also provides the audience with only Nolan’s batman movie (front destroyer) : a superhero story with a clear ending.

In my writing “Ca Cr crusader: batman and the rise of a nerd culture”, I spend a lot of ink, this proposition is that although diehard super hero can and like to open, the cycle of endless adventure Ragnarok type, their favorite hero never experience, others – leisure movie audiences – say – found this concept is unsatisfactory.

Nerds want adventure. But the mage wants a story.

The story has a beginning, a middle and a definite ending. This familiar structure provides closure: most of the elements introduced in the beginning of the story are in the high tide. The actions that have risen are reliably going down.

For in the past 17 years to follow jackman’s wolverine fans, distant and keen interest in degrees, Logan conclusions will be the end of may than they had experienced any superhero movie to a deeper and more difficult. It feels real, and – here’s the important point – is different.

Another factor that Logan’s nomination cannot be other than a bunch of people like Logan factors – in fact, although the studio executives like superhero movies – more specifically, they bring money – many Hollywood creative types continue this genre of cynicism.

Reading and directors, writers and actors, they begin to condemn superhero movie and calculate the vulgar commercial, or its CGI violence, or the flat characters, at the same time, accusing the type of current how many paragraphs control box office crowd out smaller, more intimate, more clever film. As you know.

Some filmmakers are unhappy with their complaints. In 2014, alejandro g. I? Rritu turned his antipathy towards the performance for the film “bird man” or “virtue” ignorance of ignorance, and his news center gleefully calling those who are not in his own movies.

This tension is not disappear, this is why no matter how attractive their business or criticism, don’t expect 2018 superhero movie (panther, the avengers alliance: the infinite war, ant man and wasps, etc.) the fare better, came to the Oscar season, there are more than others.

I didn’t expect you to hold your breath and let Logan take the statue home on Oscar night. Competition is fierce (call your name, disaster artist, Molly’s game, bog). It was also a significant milestone, and Mudbound was the first adapted screenplay candidate written by a black woman. Given TimotheeChalamet in Call Me By Your Name in the search performance is likely to be affected By Gary Oldman Churchill in the darkest moments of latex of revelry, because it has all the awards season, so look for this category into the Call I get consolation prize in Your Name.


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