Neck bolts and Fang Fang: how does the children’s animation create the next horror fan?


Neck bolts and Fang Fang: how does the children’s animation create the next horror fan?

In the decade or so after the Disney princess model retreated, children’s animated films tend to have a variety of themes. All roles will become a type – the zoo animals, is already a super hero, parrot, wild fish – and the marketing framework, provides the eager young moviegoers a hook. But this fall, aside from the installment payments of Madagascar and the ice age, the most popular models of these fantasy films are the ghosts of the past: classic Hollywood horror films and monster movies.

Last month, the animation studio’s “ParaNorman” attracted a lot of ghostly metaphors, bringing in low budget gore and John carpenters’ Halloween scores. From the start, Genndy Tartakovsky’s star-studded spoof hotel Transylvania broke the box office with its global movie monster and mythical beast. Again last week launched a more on children’s cartoon, focusing on the eccentric nostalgia, usually only applies to more adult oriented type movie: Tim Burton in his charming 1984 short Frankenweenie mix but interesting characteristic length.

The two hotels, Nancy vania and science is strange dogs from old movies can refer to is in deep – in channeling Norman naughty boy to praise, but do it yourself, the other two movies ten percent dive head center of culture, one of the allusions, old movies as the installer and the punchline.

In its original incarnation, burton franken di “is a letter to James will landmark 1931 frankenstein’s relentless love letter – it is the leading role of unequivocally named victor frankenstein, the plot is roughly follows the classic story, and there are some thrilling adjustment. The new products retain a lot of original products, but they pour in additives like cream and sugar. There is now a reality show, Christopher Lee play dracula, a Mr Kay monster (a named Shelley, har har giant tortoises), a group of sea creatures and monkey from the black lagoon, this is the paradoxical hunchback igor tw distortion, a friendly neighbor called van helsing. This is frankly a mess, once a moral story and now a chaotic, somewhat violent adventure film.

The Transylvania hotel is 100 percent free from anything terrible. So far, the most elaborate child friendly batch, it is also odd marriage peg as an important target of teenage girls (yes, it is like an old Disney movies), but this is a different kind of restoring ancient ways the strike of the note. On the premise of popular myth simple twist – monsters just ordinary people trying to live the life of them, they fear persecution of human malignant – film on managed by Dracula called hotel (Adam sandler, do his best bela lugosi), and the invisible man, the werewolf, frankenstein’s monster and his bride, hydra, some ashes, a mass of green mucus coming… You get the picture.

When not making movies wholeheartedly for the children to accept the genre – think shaun’s cabin in the woods or in the forest – looking forward to familiar with what happened before, and these films enjoy a significant portion of the from nostalgic itself, whether religious or irony. But children can’t expect to know these references. Some of them might have amicably through children into popular culture: Lugosi of Count dracula on sesame street Count von Count can identify, and frankenstein’s monster neck screw is ubiquitous in the comics. There are some parents (hey, I really could show the children some relatively mild monster movie – Tod Browning dracula, James whale ‘and the bride of frankenstein, and other general classics.

But these children may be the exception, for them, even other variants – such as in ParaNorman have seen the film – perhaps only by young parents or older siblings and familiar with, so other things work here.

In a word, creativity and enterprise force behind these films are back to the classic movie field, in order to create a new generation of terrorist demons, and in the 80 s movie script or a new new romantic sunset the city of light Settings. (the twilight saga even was slightly separated from the Hotel Transylvania’s Dracula.) “Teenagers supernatural romance”, after all, happiness is unlikely to attract young viewers, but by putting more literature – gothic feeling and Gen – X hangover refused to seriously about everything, the film may lead to the next generation of crank.

Listen to me: it’s not really new to put kids on a nostalgic drive that they can’t connect to. For example, early Saturday morning comics in the mid-90s were a bottomless pit that might attract parents’ butts, but they caught my little attention for very different reasons. But all these strange things were not lost. Animaniacs and The Tick and Earthworm Jim’s cinephilia, sarcasm and downright mystery are printed on me and programmed for several years before it completely solidified.

After the initial suspicion of this animated horror comedy, I think I understand. Children like ParaNorman lightweight panic, Hotel Transylvania Hotel kind lovely cake or Frankenweenie cruelty of stupidity, not necessarily tomorrow in their Netflix, Nosferatu is added to the queue, but when they meet later to make the audience confused cultural tension when the 30 s and 40 s, even in the eighty s, they will be started. It’s a smart idea and a business investment. Although it might sound a bit reactionary (or just mean) admit it, atmosphere and reintegrate into modern expressionist quality effect of terrorism – and into the children, with emphasis on the film – will not be hurt.


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